20 November, 2008

Chin languages in Chin State

There are different claims about the number of Chin language spoken in Chin State of Myanmar. Focusing on Chin languages, Bradley (1997:26) says, “names for these Kuki-Chin” groups are much more numerous than district languages. Referring o the 1931 census of India, Luce (1985:81) mentioned that there are 44 Chin tribes [Tribes and languages are not always identical but generally languages differ according to tribes]. Grimes, 1996 lists 38 Chin languages spoken in Myanmar: Asho, Bawm, Cho, Dai, Fannai, Gangte, Hakha (Baungshe), Huakngo, Khimi, Khualsim, Khumi, Khyo (Hyo), Laizo, Lente, Lushai, Kaang Mara(Lakher), Matu, Mizo, Mindat, Mun, Mgawn, Ngente, Paite, Saizang, Senthang, Shongshe, Siyin, Taishon, Tedim, Teizang, Thado, thawr, Zahau, Zo, Zokhua and Zotung.

In his article entitled “call us Myanmar”, Myatthu (200) numbers 135 national people living in Myanmar, and 53 in the Chin State: Anan, Anu, Aupu, Asjo Chin (Plains), Awwakhami, Bamar,Chin, Dai (Yandu), Dim, Ganbe, Shethe, Hsaihtan, Hsinhtan, Hwalngo, Kalintaw (Lushe), Kawno, Khami, Khuanghsai Chin, Khuangsu, Khunli or Hsim, Khwa-hsinme, Laing, Laizo, Laukhtu, Lemyo, Linte, Lushai (Lushe), Lyintu, Mahu, Makan, Marin, Miae, Miyam (Mara), Meithai, (Kathe), Mwine, Naga, Pakim, Panan, Salaing, Tabaung, Taichun, Tandu, Tiddim (Tedim), Tardoe, Taw, Tezon, Yaunghtu, Zataung, Zohtone, Zeinnhyut (Zonniyut), Zope, Zo, and Sun. Among there 53 different languages, Meithai, Naga and Bamar are not in Chin language family.

To summarize the above sources and personal communication with local people [Based on personal communication with Rex. Paul Tu Lung, a Rawngtu speaker on March 29, 2001; Rev. Kaw Kung, A Zotung speaker on March 30, 2001; Rev. Ngai Hung Om, a Cho speaker on April 1, 2001 and Robert Khua Hnin Thang, A Khuasim speaker on June 14, 2001] there are 54 Chin languages spoken in respective Townships of the Chin State as shown in Table. The first row in the table respresents the names of administrative townships.

Language using in Chin State as category wise

Chin languages in Chin State of Myanmar.


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