17 June, 2008

Dai Community Advisor

Rev.Shwekey Hoipang(UK)

Born in 1965 at Kyung Long village, Mindat township, Chin state.His parents are Mr.Teh Shwe Hoipang and Hluha Hoipang. He worked for Evangelical Free Church of Myanmar for years. From 1984 to 1986 he worked for a teacher. After 1986 he has been working for Evangelizing in Myanmar.
1983 he finished matriculation. From 1995-1999 he learned at Bachelor of Theology.After that he got Bachelor of Art (Hons) at 2004-2005 .He is studying for Master of Theology at Wales, England.
He is also working as a adviser for Dai Community in Malaysia. On the mean time, he is one of the leaders for Dai people.

Contact Address: hoipang@yahoo.co.uk
Contact Number: 044(0)782 805 7040

15 June, 2008

05 June, 2008

DCM News

With best achievement, DCM is working the best not only for his Community but also for other Chin Communities as well. The Community leaders put their hearts, hands and heads together for all people.
Within three months they can open their own office at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have 19 EC members and regularly five of them are working for permanent workers. They show their love and kindness to all Dai people.
One of their program is Victoria Childcare Program. It is aim for Chin refugee families' education. Just now the attendance of 21 children with 3 three volunteer teachers. The Dai Community leaders hope for the progress of human rights among Dai people. They also working with NGOs, UNHCR and international societies.

Dai Update News

Be peaceful in our God hands,

With sadness we would like to inform all relatives and friends of Mr.Mang Thang that he passed away very peacefully on the morning of Tuesday 3th June 2008, in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur at the age of 21.
Our lovely brother Mr.Mang Thang is the second son of Mr.Ling Mar and Mrs. Li Shwe. He was born in 4th May , 1987 at Duk village, Mindat township,
Southern Chin State,Myanmar.
He learned basic education at Duk Basic Education Primary School.He was also working for Youth Methodist Association at Duk. He was very industrious for working the progress of Dai people. Whatever he saw good for his community he was willingly to do for that.
He came from Myanmar at the end of June, 2005 and arrived Malaysia at 1st July 2005. The first two years he worked at Kalatan vegetable plantation and he moved to Kuala Lumpur. Living in KL he was willingly working for Duk village, Dai Christian Fellowship and Dai Community.
Our dearest brother,who slept sweetly in Christ Jesus's brothers and sisters are very regret for him and want to say thanks to every body who are genuinely and appreciatively helping , attending funeral services. We thank you all for your kind thoughts and condolences.
From his Dai community: Dominique Thet Saw (Secretry General), Dai Community in Malaysia.

01 June, 2008

Native Chin Orchids

Dai land is famous for its beautiful ranges of mountains, fauna and flora among them the wild native orchid species are the best sweet smelling to all the local people. More than 300 orchids species are blooming forever season by season.
I always imagine about the mountain jungle what I visited the last three years. Every trees have on their own orchid flowers and blooming as colorful paint. I would only live in there forever and I couldn't remember to turn back my home.

Native Chin Orchids