07 May, 2009

Visiting to Semeyih Detention Camp

Yesterday we visited to Semeyih detention camp. I think it was my ten times to there. We arrived at 2 pm but there were crowded of people. We waited until 3:30 pm to see our relatives. I saw in the notice board " Monday to Thursday 8:300 am to 4:30 pm. Actually they said when 3:30pm "today quota is full." Fortunately we could get inside of the gate. One of my friend was allowed to see two of our relatives. When my turn arrived they asked me where was my passport. I told them I haven't any passport except my UNHCR card. The guard said to me if so we could arrest you. I replied that of course you could but you should understand our severe living situation in Myanmar and Malaysia. They didn't arrest me and they didn't let me go in. Even tough I requested many times to see my closed relatives. At last I passed my some money to my foreigner friend to give to my relatives. She was allowed to see some of our brothers. One of my friend who had been waiting before we arrived had no chance to see his cousin. He complained that why some people could see their relatives and I was not allowed to see them. The guard said to him if you want to see your cousin brother please come back tomorrow morning at 8 am. When we came back we discussed about the funniest situation of refugees. Some are released at detention camps and prisons. Every day some of refugees are still arrested by RELA, police and Immigration officers too. I was so sorry for our refugee situation in Malaysia. We cannot help each other even though we want to help our people. My visiting to Semeyih detention camp was very weary and disappointed for me.

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