10 June, 2009

What should we do?

DCM is preparing and arranging to promote the educational chances for the Dai refugees and Chin refugees in Malaysia. We do hope that we will open a new training for women and men who want to learn English and computer through the internets. Education is very important for all human being, if a person has no education, he or she cannot get a good job, a good salary said one of the Dai women said to me. Basically in the Dai land they could not properly go to school, even though some of them got a chance but no computer and English training at all. In Malaysia their children are coming to our school but we know that it is not enough for their basic education, we are just filling some of the skills to our students said one of the volunteer teachers. How we can build the world more better without education? Education is fundamentally important for all human being, even though a person is refugee or displaced person. Would you like to help us about the needs and challenges of the refugees education?

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