05 May, 2009

Reveived 500 RM from Denmark

It is good news that yesterday we received 500 RM cash from one of the Dai brother in Denmark. Mr.Ha Hung Thang who has resettled to Denmark came and visited Dai Community in Malaysia 2009 March. He learned that what DCM is working for,the situation of DCM and Dai refugees in Malaysia. His wife Mr.Kee Bawn is still in Malaysia as refugee and waiting for family reunification process. One of UNHCR officer said that he will help her for new UNHCR registration next year March, because of Malaysia UNHCR laws and procedures. It is the second time we received cash money from Dai brothers who lived in Europen country. The first time we received 1500 RM from Mr.Thang Ling Kee, Mr.Bu Thang and Mr.Thang Ling Bu from Norway. Thank you so much for all of your great concern and contribution to DCM.

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