01 July, 2008

Dai refugees situations living in Malaysia

Most of Dai refugees have been living in Malaysia since the year of 2004. Within the year of 2005 a few of them were registered by the help of UNHCR. The recent two years most of Dai refugees have any chance of registration in the office of UNHCR. Some of them are arrested, a few are in prisons, the others are hopeless position in detention camps. UNHCR also neglected their social problems and issues. The UNHCR office should be consider about the genuine refugees daily lives.
We fled from Dai land, Myanmar because Myanmar military government discriminate us. We never get any the freedom; we can not worship,we can not built our home, we are asked for porters, we face with forced labour. We are breached of all human rights by the junta that is the main reason we came here.
When the immigration officer arrested our people.They were deported to the boarder of Thailand but that is not the real situation. Actually they were sold to the Thailand human brokers. If they have some money they can come back to Malaysia. If they have not they were sold to the Thailand business men and serve as the slaves. The outcomes are no payment, no medical treatment, no hope for their future.
Living in here also quite struggle for Dai refugees. We live here such as nightmare, afraid,worried and starving. We simply doing the only thing is praying. We can not work by Malaysian law when we cannot bear hungry we simply work for our living . Even though good working we are very difficult to get our salary regularly. Does the world know the real refugees situation of living in Malaysia?

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