30 May, 2008

Dai Family in Malaysia

More than 1000 population, around 600 families live in Malaysia. They have abandon and run away from Myanmar, Chin State, their mother land. More than decades of years ago Myanmar government never feed back the Dai people. Dai land where is absolutely no car roads, no hospitals, no high school is showing what Burmese government provided for the people of Dai land.
Recently the military government well know making cutting the teaks and timbers from Dai land, on the other hand they asked the citizens to give labour forces and preventing free worshiping are the reason that Dai people crossed the boarder of Thailand and asking for temporary refuge in Malaysia.
There are many problems facing who living in Malaysia as refugees. That is the Malaysia government political aspect for refugees. Actually we don't want to live in here. We love our land, only we live in there but we cannot go back there anymore that we ask for just a shelter.

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