22 August, 2009

3 Dai Refugees are released

Three of Dai refugees, Mr.Daniel Thang, Mr.Bu Khai and Mr.Ro Mun who have been arrested by separated immigration raids on last 8 months ago are released by the helping of Malaysia UNHCR office. Mr.Ro Mun is released on Thursday and Mr.Daniel Thang and Mr.Bu Khai are released on Friday.Two of them got two times whipping at Kajang prison. They are queuing a long months in Semenyih detention camps from their release but they are transferred to KLIA detention camps for nearly two months ago. They faced physical and mental hardness in that specific detention center. They claimed for the refugees status and they got UNHCR registration previous months. They are very happy for their release and they thank to UNHCR and community leaders.

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