12 April, 2009

Sixteen Dai refugees are in Detention Camps and Prison

Sixteen Dai refugees were arrested by RELA, Immigration Officers and police after that they were sentenced to along Malaysia prisons and detention camps for months. Mr.Ro Mun a Dai refugee from Myanmar is still detained in Semenyih detention camp for more than 7 months. Mr.Daniel Thang and Mr.Bu Khai are waiting for two times whipping at Kajang prison even though they finished their 3 months sentence. Mr.Lu Ha is waiting for further high court a ppoinment date at 26th May and also detained in Kajang prison. His wife and me visited to see him but the prison officer said that we could not see him within one month two times. UNHCR's OPI department is trying to help some of Dai refugees to release from different detention camps. On the April 11 one of the Dai refugee, Mr.Peter was deported to the boarder of Thailand and came back to Malaysia. He said he has spent 2100 RM for reintering to Malaysia.

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